at work
Scintillant moods, scent of spring grass, wave motion of air and fluent breeze, sunshine, never ending show, harmony of nature and universe, shine of silk, and magic of colours, I am thinking about, when I inlet paints into white nature silk... it is so fascinating and so charming ...
Pavla Lazarek Trizuljak

In early childhood I drew princesses in atelier of my parents. They are creative artists. I grew with art and it was natural for me to be artist.

From 1988 till 1994 I studied at University of applied arts in Prague on Department of textil alternative /Prof. Adela Matasova/.
From 1995 I create fashion craft and handpainting on silk. It glamorized me. I can try out on it all full colour palette, coloured relations, contrasts.
Colours have special signification for me.
I learned it from my mother Eva Trizuljakova. Colour has very important place in her creation.
in athelier

My exhibitions:
1987 - Slovakia: Bratislava
1989 - Czech republic: Roztoky u Prahy
1990 - Germany: Nothalben
1991 - Czech republic: Havirov, Prague
Slovakia: Zilina
1993 - France: Nîmes
1994 - Austria: Krems
1995, 1996 - Slovakia: Bratislava
1995 - Italy: Rimini
1996 - Germany: Kempten
Slovakia: Mojmírovce,
1997, 2000, 2002 - Slovakia: Nitra